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How To Add Website To Your Favourites on Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

In today’s article I will show you How To Add Website To Your Favourites on Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. There are probably infinite ways, tricks, tips and curiosities as what options hide within the “magic” Touch Bar above the keyboard on MacBook Pro! Today, we’re gonna learn about one of my favourite tips or a move I find quite useful myself. I’m also going to give you one extra tip at the end, so stay present until the end!

How to do it?

So, my favourite thing to have on my MacBook when I open the Safari App are favourites, these are like my black holes I use to travel through time and space without tiring my fingers too much by typing where I want to go! Favourites are usually shown beneath the top bar, just below smart search field and your bookmarks. It’s nothing too new, but what I want to show you is how to add your websites to your Touch Bar. It’s super easy and it looks very aesthetic. 

Let’s continue

In the smart search field, type in the name of the website you want to add to your favourites, for instance, or Left-Click or finger tap on trackpad on the url (website name) and hold. Now simply drag the  website down to “Favourites” among other icons that are already there! And that is it! Now when you click inside the smart search field where it says “search or enter website name” you’ll see that the website you added shows on your Touch Bar in the form of an icon.

How To Organize them?

You can organize your favourites into specific order, change their names, delete the ones you don’t need there! If you want to delete website from “Favourites” you must either right-click or double finger tap on trackpad, on the website (icon) you want to get rid of and you’ll see a small option bar appearing next to it. See where it says “delete” and simply delete it. In the same bar you can also see the option of renaming it! If you do wish to change their order, you again left-click and hold or finger tap on trackpad and hold the icon and just drag it where you want it to be! 

Bonus tip

My bonus tip is the quick use of AirDrop or sharing in general on your Touch Bar! Simply chose a file, picture or a document you want to share with another device (person). Left-Click or finger tap on trackpad on what you want to share. It’ll select the file and on your Touch Bar you’ll see a little share icon in the middle. It’s a square with an arrow on top of it. Tap on it to see options of sharing appearing on your Touch Bar! Now just pick one and share! 

That’s it!

Thank you for reading this article about How To Add Website To Your Favourites on Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact me, you can leave a comment down below. Make sure to check out more helpful tutorials on this website. You can also check out my second website about Minecraft Tutorials. It would be helpful if you are gaming person.



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