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How To Block Blue Light from Smartphone Screens

I will show you How To Block Blue Light from Smartphone Screens in this article. Do smartphone screens damage our eyes? Well, that is the million-dollar question. It is scientifically proven that LCD screens cannot permanently damage our sight. But sideral effects such as redness, irritation, dryness, and internal tiredness, especially when working long hours.

One could say that being active on social media for a couple of days is rather more damaging than the effects of light that are coming from the screen. Social media is significantly more poisonous than it since all we do is avoid reality and mining counterfeited dopamine. But that is something to be written about some time else. Let’s return to the multimillion-dollar question: Does eyesight get damaged when using a smartphone?

I think yes, at least most definitely in my case, especially when staring into a screen at night. I myself as a writer spend quite a great amount sitting on a computer or my phone. There is a lot of writing I must do. My sight has worsened immensely over the years. I am now shortsighted and I must wear prescription glasses. But hey! There must be a way to ease down the pressure that is put on our eyes, right?

How do I get rid of the blue light?

Well, we do have a range of options, the first one being to crucially decrease the number of hours we spend on our digital portable devices, which can be monitored via something called “Screen Time” on Apple devices. It is located in settings, just above “General”, and you can literally lock applications from accessing them when you’re feeling like you are too obsessed with Tik Tok or YouTube.

Search for “Downtime” to schedule the period in which you will be unable to access the applications that are haunting your appetite. Then tap on “Settings” in the upper left corner to return and then tap on “App limits” and choose the perpetrators!

Now the second option that arises when being employed as someone who usually must spend a lot of time on screen is to buy blue light blocking glasses and save your future self from something called “presbyopia” which means that elasticity in your lens begins to disappear, and your extraocular muscles start to lose their function which results in sight deterioration. The glasses can be purchased in online stores such as Amazon, eBay or multiple other stores that deal with glasses.

Are there any other options?

The third option is why we are here today, for the fourth option is to throw away your phone and go live in the cave where there are no multimedia distractions. So, today we are finally going to look at how to set up a “red screen” on your iPhone and spare your eyes irritation and potential damage. We do that by going to the settings, then tapping “accessibility” located just a little beneath “General”. Scroll all the way down to find “Accessibility shortcut”, tap on “Colour Filters” (It is the option fourth in the column. Tap on “Back” in the upper left corner.

Scroll all the way up now and tap on “Display & Text Size, and now again a tip down where you will see “Colour Filters. Tap on it. You will see a line of colourful pastels with a little poll beneath it next to “Colour Filters”. Tap on it. Now you see it turned into black and white. Don’t panic, all of this is revertible, and I will show you how to. But before that tap on “Colour Tint” which will pop out two options with parallel lines.

“Intensity” and “Hue”, now to achieve “red screen” we must tap and hold on the tiny circle in the “Hue” section and move it all the way to the left as shown above on the pastels or push the hue all the way to the right and do the same with intensity. We are technically replicating the set of pastels here.

When you decide to switch it off, just untap the poll beneath the pastels. You can also hold “plus” volume on your iPhone and triple press the switch button. And that it is! Your eight sight can rest to an extent now!

That’s it!

That’s everything for this tutorial about How To Block Blue Light from Smartphone Screens. I hope that I have helped you with this issue and you will be more save from now on. If you have any issues don’t hesitate and contact me, I will help you with everything. You can find me here on this website or on my YouTube Channel Minecraft Sketch Bros. Check out more of my awesome Tech Stuff Tutorials here, I have another website with Minecraft.


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