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How To BOOST FPS in ALL GAMES 2022! Ultimate Guide

In this article I will show you How To BOOST FPS in ALL GAMES 2022! This is a quick step by step tutorial for boosting your FPS in Games. Nobody likes low FPS in your game and that’s why I decided to make this article. So if you are bothered by the dropping FPS while you are playing some of your favorite games then this article is perfect for you. Let’s get into this article about How To Increase FPS in Games.

Check out my 5 Steps below for huge FPS Boost

All these tips for perfectly for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. So don’t worry just follow my steps carefully and you should be fine! Here’s the list of the steps:

  • Defrag you main hard drive
  • Clean up your Temp and Prefetch Folder
  • Enable Game Mode
  • Update your Drivers
  • Disable startup appications

1. Defrag your main hard drive

What will happen if you defragment your computer hard drive? It will improve your computer’s performance, you should be doing this regularly. It may take a while, try running defragment over the night. The defragmentation is a great way to boost your FPS in games, as we constantly add and remove files, small packets of information ends up in random places in your hard drive. That may result in decrease of your computer’s performance.

1) Go to This PC, you can find it by searching it in the Windows Search bar.

defrag your main hard drive

2) Right Click Local disk and choose Properties

defrag your main hard drive

3) Go to Tools Tab and click on Optimize

defrag your main hard drive

4) a new Tab will open, click Optimize again

defrag your main hard drive

5) This may take a while but once it’s finished, please Restart your PC. You have to do it in order to take any effect.

6) If you have Restarted your PC, go to your game and check if the FPS has increased. If yes then everything’s good! Neverthless, let’s move on the second way to boost FPS in your Games.

Bonus Tip: You can schedule Defragmentation of your hard drive. You can do this by clicking on Change Settings then choose Run Schedule and pick up your Frequency.

2. Clean up your Prefetch and Temp Folder

This is an important thing for all of you. You should do this by time to time, this will clean up a lots of unused files in your computer. These files are created by Windows to hold the data while a permanent file is being written. Trust me, if you’ve never clean up your prefetch and temp folder then this will boost your FPS in the sky.

Your temp folder may be full of files that you do not need. It saves files from every application or game you have ever installed in your Computer. If you installed an App just for 10 minutes or 1 hour then the app left so many Temp files. The files that is decreasing your FPS in Games.

  1. Open Run application, you can do this by pressing Windows Button + R in your keyboard.
Clean up your Prefetch and Temp Folder

2. Type in temp and click on OK

Clean up your Prefetch and Temp Folder

3. The folder will appear, please select all of the files that are in there and delete it. Make sure to Empty your recycle bin once you deleted all of the files.

Clean up your Prefetch and Temp Folder

4. Please do the same with the Prefetch and %temp% folder. Repeat my steps and delete all of the files that are in there.

3. Enable Game Mode

This thing to do in this article about How To BOOST FPS in ALL GAMES 2022 is to turn on Game mode. Game mode is an amazing way to boost your FPS in games. It is a built-in tool to optimize Windows 10/11 for gaming. It deactivates background activities to get more FPS. This mode should be enabled by default so the PC will recognize whether you are playing or not, but you should at least check out if it’s really enabled.

  1. Go to windows search bar and search for Settings.
  2. Find Gaming and open it
  3. Choose Game Mode
  4. Make sure the Game Mode is ON.

The Gaming Mode will help boost FPS and improve performance any time you play a game in your Windows 10 or Windows 11.

4. Update Your Drivers

This is another great way to boost your performance in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Low FPS problem may occur if you have the outdated graphics driver, You should always update your drivers, it will definitely increase your FPS. If you don’t have time for this then don’t worry. You can install software that will do it automatically for you.

If you are lucky as I am and you have an AMD Graphics card then I will show you How To Easily Update Your Graphics Card. AMD has a great software built-in your PC called Radeon Software. I absolutely love it because you can easily update your drivers. I will show you how right now!

  1. Press ALT + R on your Keyboard

2. The Radeon Software should appear

Update Your Drivers

3. On the right side you should see Driver & Software

4. Click on check for updates

5. If there is an update then click on Download

Update Your Drivers

6. Hit Install button right now

Update Your Drivers

7. The only thing to do now is to wait until it’s finished.

It may take up a while to install the new drivers, especially if you haven’t updated them in a while. Your screen may flash sometimes but don’t worry, it’s normal! This might be the best way for you to improve your computer’s performance. Let’s get for the another thing to do in order to BOOST FPS in ALL Games 2022!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please restart your PC after this. It is a must-do thing, if you don’t do that they it won’t take any effect.

5. Disable Startup Applications

Some of the applications starts up automatically when you turn on your PC. You can disable this in the task manager. Well, why would I even do that? Many apps can be quite resource hungry and it uses a lot of your CPU usage that cause FPS to jump. That’s the reason why we have to disable these applications.

  1. Please press Ctrl, Shift and End at the same time on your Keyboard to open Task Manager.
  2. See what applications are running right now and turn them OFF, right-click on them and END TASK.
  3. Go to Startup Tab and turn off as many applications as you can.
Task Manager

That’s it!

That is everything for this tutorial about How To Boost FPS in ALL GAMES 2022! I hope I have helped you with the performance of your computer and that you can play your favorite games without any problems! Check out my website for more amazing tutorials like this. I have a second website about Minecraft and you should check it out too!



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