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How To Change Background Picture on Your Apple Desktop

In this article I will show you How To Change Background Picture on Your Apple Desktop. Regardless of how Homo sapiens sapiens we all are, we are not synthetic, and we do not wear the same clothes everyday nor clothes that someone has prepared for us, and neither we always like the desktop picture our computers comes with! And that is what we are going to look at today in this short demonstration of how to change a desktop picture on your Apple MacBook or iMac.

Let’s get into it!

There are several ways as how to change the desktop picture and I am going to show you three ways that I know of. Firstly, you want to start up your apple computer and wait until you are on your desktop. Once you are there, look in the upper left corner where you will see little apple logo. Click on it. Choose system preferences and wait until a window pops out.


In the left side of the window you will see an icon with little blue window with a small apple logo in the corner of it. Desktop & Screen saver. Click on it and will bring you to another window. Now see quite a few folder options such as, (Apple) desktop picture, colours, “Photos” and “Folders” with pictures. Desktop pictures are the default photos that come with the apple system, some give you a choice of day and night theme (they can also be set to change as the day time goes), dynamic or location theme (the picture changes based on where you currently are).

More Images

There are also still images that do not have the option of day and night theme. Additionally, there is an option of timing picture change, it is located on the bottom of the Desktop & Screen saver window. Just click the tick next to it to choose how often you want the picture to change. Now the easy part, choose whichever picture you like and just click on it and watch it set on your desktop!

Second Option

The second option is rather quick and it is the one I personally use when changing the desktop image. On desktop you simply right click on your iMac or double finger tap on your MacBook to see a little option bar pop up. Click on Change desktop background… and it will again take you to Desktop & Screen saver window where you are a master already I presume! 

Third Option

The third and the last option I am going to reveal to you is the most common one when selecting your own photos. Find a picture of your liking in either your document folder, photos, downloads, etc. Right click or double finger tap on it to again see a little option bar come up. On the bottom it says “set desktop picture”, click on it and it is set! When it gets to setting a desktop background from your “Photos”, you must open the photo app first, select a photo you’d want to set on your desktop, right click or double finger tap on it to open it. A window with the picture will pop. On the top you’ll see a few options, look where it shows the share option. It is square with a vertical arrow inside of it. Click on it, choose “Set desktop picture”, and that is it!

That’s it!

This was everything for this tutorial about How To Change Background Picture on Your Apple Desktop. I hope I have helped you all and if not you can leave a comment and we will figure out the solution. Find more useful tutorials like this on the website. If you are more into Gaming stuff and you like Minecraft then make sure you check out my website. It is about Minecraft Tutorials and it will help you out with everything!



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