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How To Create and list NFT’s on

In today’s article I will show you How To Create and list NFT’s on Who are the best-selling artists in the 21st century? George Condo, Christopher WOOL, Yayoi Kusama or Matt Hall and John Watkinson. Believe it or not, framed oil paintings on linen began being outdone by the realm of digital art. To be exact, NFT’s, standing for “non-fundable token” have conquered the art market stratospherically in the last couple of months.

So-called CryptoPunks, invented by previously mentioned Matt Hall and John Watkinson have generated nearly 800 000 Eth ($3 840 000 000 at Ethereum’s price peak in November 2021) up until the present day since their official release in June 2017. A fact that is even more comical is that CryptoPunks Nft’s are solely random pixel portraits that would not take longer than 10 minutes to create and are then sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sounds like easy money, right? Unfortunately, the art part can be simple, but becoming recognised as an NFT artist is as hard as becoming one in the mass reality. But it is not impossible, and today we are going to look at ways how you can create your own NFT and how to list it on CryptoPunks If creating something as simple as Crypto Punk (pixel art), you can just start up Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator where you create an artboard (24 by 24 pixel) on which you can just fill in the colours and form a punk face.

If you do not own the Adobe package, you can download one of the following applications: Pixel Art, Pixeable – Pixel Art Editor or Dottable. And create your crypto punks for free. These are art pixel applications specialised in pixel art, offering variations of canvas sizes, the possibility to insert a template of your choice which you can just fill in with colours, the option to add multiple layers, turn a picture into pixel art and much more! I highly recommend it when not having the aforementioned adobe package but still wanting to get into the NFT game.

Here is a list of Platforms/Applications/Ways through which you can make NFT’s.

  • (I suggest using Chrome page translation since the website is in Japanese)
  • Medibang Paint Application on App Store (physically must draw your NFT)
  • Picsart (Media editor for portable devices)
  • Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (slightly more advanced)
  • (Website for generating random avatars)
  • Procreate for iPad Physical drawing/painting photographed and turned into a digital version
  • Photography Short animations/Gifs (Via Werble: Photo & Video Animator, or any other Video Editors)

What platform should I use to create NFT?

In the end, it does not matter which platform you choose, it is just about making art and digitalising it, and as a result of that it can be minted. OpenSea is probably the most medialised and popular platform for selling Nft’s due to CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, which gained massive attention in 2021 as several celebrities purchased a couple of NFT’s for astronomical amounts and showed them off on their social media. One good thing about the OpenSea is that it allows you to mint your art for free if you choose to mint it on Polygon blockchain instead of Ethereum which requires one-time gas-cash fee for creating a collection. However, you can then mint as many Nft’s as you want for free.

How do I start?

Simply just go to Sign in if you haven’t done that already and link your wallet with the platform. OpenSea supports MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect, Formatic, Torus and many more. Unfortunately, it can’t work without a crypto wallet, for the entire system runs on blockchain and the items cannot be purchased by any other currency than Ethereum or Polygon (Ethereum token). As soon as you sign, move your cursor on your profile picture (tiny circle) in the upper right corner and choose “My Collections”. A new window will pop up.

Click on “Create a Collection”. Fill in the required fields. Choose a logo image (Logo that will represent your collection).Type in the name of the collection, description, and category. Also, a website (if you do have one where you store more information about your Nft project). Where it says “royalties” choose 10% or less precent, for it won’t allow you to choose more than 10%. And now the fateful part, choosing blockchain that will be used for selling your Nfts.

The options are Ethereum or Polygon. As I mentioned earlier, Polygon won’t charge you anything for minting and selling your Nft’s, but once it is bought, a 2.5% fee will be deducted from the selling price. Polygon blockchain is not as popular as the Ethereum one. On the other hand, a much more notable Ethereum blockchain will charge 2.5% for both minting and selling.

That’s not everything yet

It might sound like nothing, but when minting an item for let’s say 5 ETH, the fee is going to be like $400 and no one guarantees it will sell at some point, so it would be a huge and risky investment for artists who can’t really afford to lose that kind of finance. But back to finalising your Nft listing. You created your collection, now it is time to upload your art and mint it. You do it by moving your cursor to “Create” in the upper right corner.

A new window will pop up again. Now insert the art you have been working on so hard. Again, name it, describe it, add a link to your website if you do have one, choose a collection you created (this is where the Nft is going to be stored). Now the number of supplies (you can make it rare and just create one or choose like one hundred – fully up to you). Choose a blockchain. Ethereum (monetised), Polygon (free). The art is now uploaded, but it isn’t listed on the market just yet. We must sell it there!

Find “Sell” in the upper right corner and click on it. Choose a price at which you personally value it, choose a duration, and click on “Complete listing”. It will ask you to confirm unlock this type of payment in your wallet and also sign this message on either your Wallet App on your phone or online on your computer, and that is it!!! You have now successfully listed your Nft on Congrats!

That’s it!

Thanks for reading this article about How To Create and list NFT’s on! I hope I have helped you with everything. If you need further assistance then don’t hesitate and contact me. I’m almost 24/7 active and I will answer ASAP. Take a look on more of my articles on my website. I have a second website with Minecraft content, if you want you can take a look here.



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