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How to Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Performance

I will show you How To Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Performance in this article! It’s really easy to do, don’t hesitate and let’s get into it! This is a full guide to help you remove unwanted services and system software in your PC. This is a great tutorial on How To Speed Up Windows 11. I recommend you to debloat Windows 11 as it significantly improve the performance.

Debloating Windows 11 from unnecessary apps and services, that’s what I will show you. It’s super easy to do and you will get rid of apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive or Skype. We will need to use Windows10Debloater, it’s a very popular script developed by Sycnex. Windows 11 comes with a huge number of useless apps and services, that’s why you should debloat them.

What’s debloating Windows 11?

Bloatware is any software that you don’t want to have on your PC. It usually comes pre-installed on your device. It eats your RAM, takes your storage and slows down your computer. This is not new in windows, however many people doesn’t even know that bloatware exists. Windows 11 has many useless apps that you don’t even want on your PC and this is the best way to get rid of them.

How do we start?

The first thing in this tutorial about How To Debloat Windows 11 To Improve Performance is to backup your files and create a restore point. Everyone should do this, in case something went wrong. Some users have faced problems with this and they didn’t create a restore point, what then? Well, I guess you just lose all of your files.

You should also install the latest updates on Windows 11. Updating the device is the best way to make sure you get rid of all the bloatware that comes with new updates. You never know when Microsoft decide to add new apps in the update, the kind of apps you don’t want obviously. Just make sure the device is up to date and then you can create the system restore point.

How To Create a Restore Point in Windows 11?

As I mentioned above, it’s always better to create a windows restore point before debloating Windows 11 PC. If something goes wrong, you can always go back to the restore point and you will never lose any files. Restore point helps you to create a save point in case you messed up with something. Simply revert to the point where everything was fine and try it again! Neverthless, let’s do it.

  1. Open Search Bar, type in Create a restore point.
  2. This will open System Properties, find System Protection tab.
  3. Choose Local Disk and hit Configure.
  4. Turn On System Protetion and Apply.
  5. Go back and click on Create and then Create again.

This will create the restore point. If you didn’t understand these steps then don’t hesitate and contact me, I will help you out with everything.

How To Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Performance?

Let’s get into that. You’ve finally made all of those pre-steps to get into this point. I assume you have updated the Windows 11 to the latest version and created a restore point. There are several ways that you can use in order to debloat Windows 11. But the first way is the most powerful, we can debloat the device using PowerShell. Let me show you how to do it.

  1. Open Search Bar, type in PowerShell and open it as Administrator.
  2. The PowerShell should open now.

1) The Slower Way

If you want to find out all of the apps that are pre-installed in Windows 11, paste in this code:

  • Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName

Check the list and choose which apps you want to delete, after you know what to delete paste in this command:

  • Get-AppxPackage | Remove-AppxPackage

2) The Fastest Way

Let me show you the best and most effective way to get rid of bloatware in Windows 11.

  • Command: iwr -useb https://git.io/debloat|iex
  1. Open the PowerShell as Administrator.
  2. Copy the command and paste it in.
  3. After Executing the command, you will see a new Windows.

What to do now? It’s really simple, trust me. This command will open Windows10Debloater, don’t worry you can use it on Windows 11 without any problems. What should you turn off in here? Let me show you a quick list of apps that you should turn off.

  • Cortana
  • OneDrive (In case you don’t use it)
  • Telemetry/Tasks

That’s everything for this tutorial

And that’s kinda everything for today’s tutorial on How To Debloat Windows 11 to Improve Performance. Check out more useful tutorials on my website or check out my Minecraft Website. If you have any issues with this don’t worry, you can always contact me. Find me on Techbloo website or on my YouTube Channel Techbloo. I’m always active.


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