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How To Apply Noir Effect on Your Footage in Premiere Pro CC

In this article I will show you How To Apply Noir Effect in Premiere Pro CC. From time to time we all tend to watch old or cult movies with the misanthropic atmosphere of classic period referred as “Film Noir period.” It seems that the world had been rather unlit and cynical, with all sorts of wars, market crashes etc. Luckily, we have moved far away from 50’s and we needn’t face mirroring terrors. One thing about film Noir is the power of cinematography that was used to portray the melancholy or seriousness of picture and that is what we’re going to replicate today! 

Quote of today is: World is still very dark, we’ve just invented colourful screens! 

I’m going to teach you how to apply black and white filter on your footage in premiere pro cc and a choice of adjustments you can make to make it look like film Noir! Firstly, we’re going to open up premiere pro and and import our footage. You do that by clicking on file in the upper left corner. Then click on import. If you wish to do this action quicker like a pro you can just use a key shortcut by pressing Ctrl+l which will do the exact same action. Now find your files in your computer, select them by double clicking or hold Ctrl and select multiple files with your cursor. Files are imported now! You’ll find them in the bottom left corner.

Let’s continue

Now select a file you want to apply the effect on, drag it and drop it in the timeline. Move your cursor to the project panel, it’s the panel from which you just moved the footage you want to work on. Right click, now a small window with options will pop up. Click on “new item” and then adjustment layer. It’ll show setting options (I suggest keeping it in default) and the click “OK”. Now you’ll see there’s a highlighted adjustment layer in your project panel. Drag it and drop it above your sequence in your timeline.

That’s not it yet

Now move your cursor on the edge of the adjustment layer until a red arrow pops up. Click and hold to extend it however you like. In this case, we’re going to extend it to the length of our video. Go back to your project panel and search for “Effects”. If it’s not there, look up at the top of the screen where you “Window”, click on it and make sure the “Effect” window has got a blue tick next to it. Return to project panel, effects and see a search bar, type in Color Balance. You’ll see an option of Color Balance (HLS), select that one!  

Almost there!

Drag it a drop it on the adjustment layer in your timeline. In the upper left corner you’ll see an option of effect control. Click on it. If it’s not there, you can find it in the window bar again. When you open the effect control you’ll see quote a lot of adjusting options, but ignore all of them except the part where it says Color Balance. Turn saturation to negative hundred and see how your footage turns into black and white! That’s the first step done! 

Let’s Noir it now!

You do that by clicking on the Color option in the top of the screen. This will take you to the realm of colour editing. If it’s not there, you can find it in the window bar again. In the upper right corner you click on Lumetri Color which will pop a panel with colouring options such as, exposure, contrast, shadows etc. Film noir was overly dark, with lots of shadows and low exposure and that is what we’re replicate! 

  • Bring down the exposure to around negative 2. 
  • Being up contrast for about positive 10.
  • Bring down highlights to at least negative 30. 
  • Bring down shadows to around negative 15.  
  • Bring up blacks to about positive 20. 
  • Play around as much as you want to! Please your eyes! 

That’s it! You’ve done it! 

Extra tip! If you really want that Alfred Hitchcock look, there’s is a thing I want to suggest, and that is to apply that violent “noise” effect on it! You do that by going back to your editing timeline, so in the top of the screen, click on “editing” and wait until it takes you back to editing timeline. Now that you’re there, go to project panel, click on effects, in search bar you type in “noise” and you’ll see a folder named “Noise & Grain” with two options. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, they both do pretty much the same thing, although the ones that say “Alpha Noise”, etc.

How To Apply Noir Effect in Premiere Pro CC

Under the obsolete folder allow you to change the form of the noice, its flow, etc. You’re more than welcome to try it, but for now we’re just going to use the default noise! Drag it and drop it on the adjustment layer again and go to effect control in the upper left corner. Find the part where it says “Noise”, amount of noise, and type in positive ten. Just under it, you see a little tick saying; use Color noise. Click that one off, for we don’t want the noise to be colourful when doing black and white sequence. And that’s it! Share your finished footage with your friends and family! 

One more thing before we end this tutorial

This was the tutorial on How To Apply Noir Effect in Premiere Pro CC. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did. You can find more useful tutorials to this on this website, but if you are more into gaming stuff like Minecraft then you should check out my second website! It is mostly about Minecraft Tutorials but they are really useful to you. I also have a YouTube channel with the same name so make sure to check me out there.



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