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How To Factory Reset Your iPhone

In this tutorial I will show you How To Factory Reset Your iPhone. Are you wanting to sell your old iPhone or just wish to get rid of those awful errors that are disturbing your everyday iPhone use? Well, today we’re going to learn how to reset your iPhone to factory default (settings) and make its software crispy new! 

Quick Question

One could ask; why is it good to factory reset your phone? Well, do you remember the feeling you had when you first purchased your long-desired Apple product and the swiftness it had when you first started facetiming or playing Subway Surfers? That is exactly why it is good to bring those memories back and it is very doable, it does not even require any monetised tech interference.

Before we begin

First thing first, you must have an iCloud back-up if you do wish to access your data later. This includes photos, contacts, memos, etc. In case you do not have an iCloud backup, you can just have your data stored on your drive, or on your computer (whichever way you prefer). And now the easy part, and that is the erasing and a rebirth of your iPhone!  

Let’s get to it! 

Go to your settings on your iPhone. You do that by clicking on the grey icon with gears that says settings. Once you’re there, scroll down to where you see “General”. Click on it. Scroll all the way down until you see “Transfer or Reset iPhone”. Click on “Erase your content and settings”. It will ask you if you do wish to continue. Click on yes! Then you’ll have to enter your iPhone passcode. Now, your back-up is going to load to the iCloud (if you do not have one it might ask you to create one before you continue, but it is your choice). 

Wait a bit

The load up might take some time. Use this time to make that tea you were wanting to get before you started this process or just read your emails or something important to you. Once it is done it will ask you for an Apple ID password, so type it in and click on turn off in the upper right corner of your iPhone. Now the magic begins!

Almost done!

Your iPhone initiated its restoring process. It will take a while, so you might as well finish that tea and perhaps even make a small snack for it! As soon as the process is done, your iPhone will be restored to factory settings. You will see the screen with “hellos” in different languages which will indicate that your iPhone has been successfully restored. Now go and enjoy that Subway Surfers like you did before!

That’s it!

Thanks for reading this article about How To Factory Reset Your iPhone. I hope I have helped everyone of you to achieve your goal. If you have any questions or it doesn’t work then ask me in the comments, I will help you with anything. Make sure to check out more article on this website. You should definitely check out my second website about Minecraft Tutorials.



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