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How To Increase FPS & Performance on Intel HD Graphics (2022)

I will show you How To Increase FPS & Performance on Intel HD Graphics in this article. This will help you to get instant and huge FPS boost in your Games. This will perfectly work for your PC. You won’t regret following my steps to improve gaming performance with Intel HD Graphics chips. I remember those days when you couldn’t even playing anything if you had Intel HD Graphics. Fortunately, it’s better these days.

Intel HD Graphics has improved over the years but they are still not good as NVIDIA or AMD Graphics cards. Don’t be sad if you have Intel integrated graphics because I will show you 5 ways to increase FPS on Intel HD Graphics! However, if you want more FPS then expect to turn off a lot of settings and that means a decrease in the quality of the game.

Let me show you what this article: How To Increase FPS & Performance on Intel HD Graphics will be about.

These are Top 5 Ways To Increase performance on Intel HD Graphics Card

  • Update Your Intel Graphics Driver
  • Optimize Performance Settings in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel
  • Allocate more RAM
  • Adjust Game Settings
  • Set 3D preference to Performance

1. Update Your Intel Graphics Driver

This is really important thing to do. You should update your drivers by time to time. It’s also the best way to turn on automatic updates. Intel releases their updates regularly, these updates are crucial for gaming. Having the latest driver means that your graphics card will work much faster and that means less problems in games. Every update introduce new improvements and optimizations for games, applications or software in general.

It’s also super easy to update your intel graphics driver. I will show you the fastest way to update intel driver. It depends if you are on laptop or on a desktop. If you are on the laptop then the best way is to visit the website of your manufacturer and find the related web for your laptop. Because it also depends if you have lenovo, asus or hp for example. Download Intel HD Graphics driver and install it.

  1. For desktop: Download Intel Driver Update Utility and run it.
  2. If there is available an update then simply install them.
  3. Make sure it’s the lastest update for your driver.
  4. It may take up some time to install.

2. Optimize Performance Settings in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel

If you right-click on the desktop you can see Graphics Properties which is the Intel HD program. In there you can customize your settings, this is a huge benefit for us. We will adjust the settings just for us to have the best gaming experience. There are so many things to change so I think that this the most important way to incerase your Intel HD Graphics performance.

It is usually set by default that the intel graphics focus on battery life and image quality. But if you are a gamer then you should hate these settings! But don’t worry, you are here. I will show you the Best Settings for Intel HD Graphics Card. This works perfectly on Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11 as well. Let’s get into that.

  1. Go to your desktop, right-click and choose Graphics Properties.
  2. Intel HD Graphics Control Panel should appear

Display Settings

  1. Go to display settings
  2. Set Resolution to the highest
  3. Select Refresh Rate to 60hz and rotation to 0.
  4. Let scaling to Maintain Display Scaling.
  5. Don’t forget to apply these settings!

3D Settings

You can do only 3 things here. Select Enable in the application optimal mode and in the general settings choose performance. This chooses the best performance settings for your games. The last thing that you can do in the 3D Settings is to Turn OFF the Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing. This option tells Intel to ignore anti aliasing in the games.


Here aren’t many things to change. Choose plugged in and select Maximum performance. In the On Battery settings, select maximum performance as well. Disable Power Saving Technology. This is everything you can do in the Power Settings

3. Allocate more RAM

Allocating more RAM will also help to increase fps and performance on intel hd graphics. Dedicated graphics cards have their own RAM on the card. But integrated graphics don’t have separated RAM. Instead of that, the chip reserves some RAM from your motherboard and make it to VRAM. That means, the more RAM you allocate to Intel HD Graphics the more VRAM you will have.

This will boost up your FPS in the games. But keep in mind, the more RAM you have for gaming the less RAM you will have for general use. I mean other applications. The best way to speed up the Intel HD Graphics will be using two memory sticks of same capacity and the same speed. Because of that, RAM will begin to work in dual channel mode, and that is much faster.

You can change the allocation of RAM in the BIOS settings. To get in this setting you have to restart your computer and press the appropriate key to enter UEFI. This depends on your PC, every PC has different key for this. Try pressing F1, F2, Delete or F10 key. You can google this. Once you are there, you have to find integrated graphics options.

Look for an option that controls the amount of memory that your integrated graphics card have. This is usually in the Advanced settings. Every PC has different BIOS, so you can google this too. Simply put your montherboard’s name in the google and look for BIOS and allocate RAM to integrated graphics. There’s an option that you may not be able to change this settings.

4. Adjust Game Settings

This is kinda the easy one and there’s nothing much to say here. This depends on each game and what settings they have. I recommend you using the lowest or medium settings in there. Lowering the resolution will help you get better performance on intel hd graphics card and that means it will boost your FPS!

QUICK NOTE: If you have change all of the settings to minimum and it still doesn’t perform well then you should consider purchasing better hardware.

5. Set 3D Preference to Performance

The last step of this tutorial about How To Increase FPS & Performance on Intel HD Graphics is the most easy and fastest one. This step will help you to improve the frame rate in the games. You have to head back to the Graphics Properties like I showed you in the step number 2. Once you are there, select 3D.Make sure to enable Performance here. This is pretty important as It can get you a good FPS BOOST.

That’s it!

That’s everything for today’s tutorial about How To Increase FPS & Performance on Intel HD Graphics. If you have any issues or you struggle on something then please contact me. Make sure you check out more useful tutorials on my website. I have a second website about Minecraft if you are interested.



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