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How To Revive Deleted Typing on iPhone Memo

In today’s article I will show you How To Revive Deleted Typing on iPhone Memo. I’m sure this has happened to you and it happens to all of us all the times, since we’re not synthetic and bear bionic foundation, since we’re only humans! I’m talking about this one time you typed something very important in your memos on your iPhone and highlighted it all in order to copy it. But instead of clicking on the copy option you missclicked on cut and now everything has gone into perpetual nothingness.

How to do it?

Well, let me tell you that is not quite right! There’s no need for panic, it’s still here, revolving around you, there’s just a simply thing you must do! Apple was creative about it and copied it for you and saved the copy whilst you accidentally deleted it. So, all you have to do is to press with your finger somewhere in your typing box as if you were to select something again and you’ll see that it gives you an option of “paste” even though you lived in the persuasion that your text is gone.

Last Step

So, you press on paste and your deleted text gets revived! And you’re all set to copy it again and paste is wherever you want! Also, if you wanted to paste it elsewhere directly, you can! For the “cut” option also means copy, so you can skip the process of pasting it inside here again. 

That’s it!

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