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How To Save Drafts on Instagram Feed

I will show you How To Save Drafts on Instagram Feed. We’re going to look at quite a simple, but also interesting Instagram feature my girlfriend showed me. As you may know, many of us use Instagram to share any illogical thought that crosses our mind, and we spend hours and hours reviewing the same counterfeited dopamine that someone posted. But our Instagram can be easily turned into an online store, business, gallery, dating page, et cetera.

Our feed can have an architectural structure, propulsive elements that entice one’s desire to return to it. That is right, every brand, artist or company needs a great looking composition that will surpass the others on its way to a successful community. However, we do not always know what the picture is going to look like on our feed unless it is posted, but we do not want to post it yet, because we do not know what is going to look like. It is a conundrum. And that is why we are here today.


I suggest doing this right from the beginning of your Instagram or on new posts because your previous posts weren’t likely saved as drafts, so they won’t show in there. Instagram has this serviceable feature named “drafts”. It is really that simple. Drafts can allow you to preview pictures on your feed without actually posting them, so you will see what it is going to look like once posted.

Let’s begin

It is very convenient when trying to preserve parallel text, large images composed of let’s say six small ones, etc. So now, as to how to do it. Firstly, open your Instagram application on your phone. Go to your feed (profile) and tap on the tiny plus (present) sign in the upper right corner. It is located right next to three parallel lines. Once you do so, a myriad of options will appear on the screen. Choose post. Tap on it. Now choose an image you want to share on your feed.

Tap on “Next” in the upper right corner. Choose filter if you feel like so and now tap on “Next” again. Type in something. This is important by the way, we do must change something in the post to save it as a draft we can then preview. So, type in like 1,2,3 or anything, it is not vital now. If you do have a phone with hardware “back” return arrow, just tap on it. If you do have a phone without hardware buttons, click on the arrow in the upper left corner to return, and again.

It will now ask you as to whether you want to save it as a draft. Tap on “Save draft’. Now you see that “Drafts” were added beneath the “new post” image just right next to “Recents”. Simply tap on “Drafts”, and the “manage” located on the right side of the screen and Voila. Now you can see what it is going to look like once posted. See you all next time. Have fun creating!

That’s it!

Thanks for reading this article about How To Save Drafts on Instagram Feed! Hope you like this easy tutorial, if you have any questions or you need any help don’t hesitate and contact me, I will help you with everything. My second website is mainly about Minecraft Content, you can find lots of useful Minecraft Tutorials. I have more useful Tech Stuff tutorials, check out more content on this website.


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