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How To Scan Any Text into Notes on Your iPhone

How To Scan Any Text into Notes on Your iPhone is the right article for you. We’re passed the times of the renaissance where humans spent hours and hours overwriting scripts, books, and technically every information that needed to be recorded for eternal purposes. We’re still handwriting these days but that is rapidly fading away due to the speedy growth of the digitalized world, including social media, televisions, radios, etc. And most importantly due to the human desire for instance. Anything handwritten is always more valuable, although sometimes you’re on a tight schedule, or you wish to copy something, or perhaps your boss wants to see your ideas in their email, and not have to chase the postmen with the mail from you. This is the reason we are here today, as we are going to take a look at how to scan your handwritten text or any other text right into your notes (memo) on your iPhone. 

How To Scan The Text into Notes on iPhone?

It is quite simple; you do not even need to grab a tea this time. On your iPhone, tap on your notes app. It is the app with a yellow top and white base with grey lines signifying a piece of paper. In the bottom right corner, tap on the box with a pen inside of it, this will open a new note for you. You can subsequently create several folders for your notes and assort them if you like. 

As you are in your new note, you will see a toolbar just above your keyboard. Look where it shows a camera icon. Tap on it. Now you can see an option bar popping up with four options.

  • Choose Photo or Video 
  • Take Photo or Video 
  • Scan Documents 
  • Scan Text

Almost everything!

Since we came here for text scanning, we will choose the scanning option labelled “Scan text”.

A camera will open for you to capture the text and to scan it. Just direct the camera at the text you want to scan and wait until it appears on the empty page. Then tap on insert and make adjustments if needed. 

And that is it, guys! Simple but very useful! Now, you will never have to waste your time overwriting something that can be easily scanned.


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