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How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch (2022)

I will show you How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch in this article. We are past the times James Bond was the only guy who owned such advanced technology as smartwatches are. Apple Watches may not excel with war elements, well, but they can save you a lot of time, stress, and anxiety. Apple did a massive breakthrough with the introduction of Apple Pay back in 2014.

The invention of the credit card was revolutionary, then having all your valuable possession in your phone was unprecedented, but, carrying the world on your wrist?  I mean, c’mon, that is pretty badass. Imagine not having to carry anything on you but a light piece of glass that will take care of all your payments!

Today we are going to take a look at How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch.

First Off

Firstly, you’ll need your Apple Watch and your iPhone ready, so you can pair the two devices. (This is only for those who hadn’t paired their Apple Watch already).
Be sure to have your IOS up to date with the latest system upgrade. Turn on your Wi-Fi or cellular and your Bluetooth. Bring your Apple Watch in close proximity to your iPhone for the entire process. Put your Apple watch on and tap and press on the crown on the right side of the watch to turn it on.

You will see a notification (invitation) on your iPhone to pair with the apple watch. Tap on continue and wait. Choose “Set up for myself” when you see the option and then wait until you see an animation happening on your Apple Watch. Point your iPhone camera at it, so it can scan and pair. In case you can’t use the camera, just choose the option of setting it up manually.

Now, just follow the steps occurring on the screen and wait for the process to be completed. It wasn’t so hard, was it? Furthermore, you will have to set up some foundation on your Apple Watch, so it knows who the owner is and what the owner likes if that makes sense. I am assuming that this is your first Apple Watch, so you choose the option “Set up Apple Watch”, but if not, you can just pick your back up from iCloud.

Apple ID part, the watch will ask you to sign in with your Apple ID, so type your details in and tap on “Sign in”. There is now going to be a series of options from which you can choose the size of the text, your passcode, and previously mentioned APPLE PAY! Here we go, finally, let’s dive right into it. Unless you are already using Apple Cash, under the subsection “other cards on your phone” tap on ADD.

Fill in your card details and that is pretty much it. Your card will now upload to the system and will become your default card. Your Apple Watch will beep to notify you of your successful Apple Pay setting. If you do want to add another card and set it as your default card, just simply redo the aforementioned steps and then go to the subcategory “Transaction Defaults”.

Tap on the default card and choose your default card. Done. Done! Now, go out and try your first payment using Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. Simply hold your wrist near the card reader and allow the payment on your watch! Just tell me, doesn’t that make you feel like a synthetic robot or a person of the future? 

That’s it!

That’s everything for this tutorial about How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your Apple Watch. If you have any problems with your Apple Pay on Apple watch then don’t hesitate and contact me anytime. Find more useful tutorials on my website. I have a second website about Minecraft Stuff so you can check it out too if you want.


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