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How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone

In today’s article I will show you How To Set Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone! Are you tired of carrying your wallet with cash, all sorts of debit or credit cards, or perhaps even terrified that you might lose it? Well, then I have a solution for you, and that is the Apple Pay! Apple allows you to make secure and comfortable payments in stores, online shops or wherever they accept this option. Apple Pay was firstly released on October 20th, 2014, but it wasn’t up until 2018 or so it became known world widely. Now, with over 380 million users, it’s the most popular and one of the safest  payment providers on earth.

It’s worth

Apple Pay is both time safer and stress free , for it allows you to add all of your cards into your Apple wallet application, where you can also store your train or bus tickets, movie tickets, boarding passes and many more! So you don’t have to worry about leaving your wallet at home when you need to buy that meal deal in the morning or grab a beer with your friend in the afternoon. The entire technology behind it is called NFC which stands for near-field communication, and it transmits communication protocols between two devices.  But enough talking, let’s see how we can acquire this piece of modern time! 


Apple Pay can only be used on Apple devices only, this includes iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, iPod, Apple Watch and who knows, perhaps even AirPods one day somehow. But this is to tell you that it’s not compatible with android devices, for android devices use different type of digital wallet (Google pay). 

Let’s begin

Let’s get to it! So, firstly you need to be logged to your Apple account (Apple ID) to make this doable. As soon as you do it, you can then search for a wallet icon on your Home Screen. It’s a black box with sort of an envelope with colourful cards in it. You click on it to enter the app. In the upper right corner you’ll see a little “plus” sign in circle, click on it. Now, there will be two options, and that is whether you want to add Debit or Credit card, or a Travel Card. Right now, we want to add our payment cards, so we choose the option of Debit or Credit card. It’ll give you a “continue” option, so you click on that.

Let’s continue

And right now it’ll ask you whether you want to add your card through scanning via the camera or type it in manually. This is completely up to you, it does not matter, whichever option you choose is going to be right regardless. I personally scan it, for I just find it quicker that way! As soon as you fill in the information you’re almost there! The system might ask you to call your card provider just to verify that this is you and that it’s secure to trust this device, but it won’t take longer than 3 minutes! As soon as you confirm it you’re all set and ready to explore! 

How To Use It?

Now we’re going to learn how to use Apple Pay! It’s quite simple, anytime it comes to payment (physical payments) in stores, with no sweat just hold your phone close to the card reader and a screen with Apple Pay will pop up on your phone. Depending on whether you have earlier or later version of iPhone your actions will vary here, for the older version of iPhone, you’ll have to use a fingerprint on your home button to confirm the payment.

Not a problem

Simply just touch your home button and wait a second until it shows a confirmation! For the newer versions of iPhone, you’ll have to use your Face ID. Double click your power button for the Apple Pay screen to pop up or just hold the iPhone near the card reader again and then double click the power button. Look at the screen so it can recognise your face and wait for the confirmation again! And that’s it! 

Online payments?

Now to the online payments, as Apple ID stores your contact details and so, you don’t even have to fill in your details manually when making an online purchase and Apple Pay is its escalation. Unfortunately, not every online store will give you the option of Apple Pay payment. You do have to keep that in mind, but Apple Pay is expanding and it is soon to be everywhere. Let’s talk about the online stores that do have the Apple Pay! As soon as you get to the stage of payment in your order, you’ll see an Apple Pay option. Click on it and commit the same action as you did when paying in store.

That’s it!

The only difference is that you don’t have to hold it near any card reader. The window with Apple Pay will pop up on its own and just follow the instructions on the screen! Also, this can also be done on your MacBook or iMac! The newer version of MacBook has got an interactive Touch Bar that includes a fingerprint scanner that is allowing to secure the Apple Pay payments. When using it on your iMac, be sure to have a devices with a fingerprint or Face ID near your, for the Apple Pay window will pop on there if connected. And that’s it, this is how to set up and use an Apple Pay on your iPhone! 

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