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How To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance (2022)

I will show you How To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance on Windows 11! This article is perfect for people who are struggling with the Windows 11 performance. Many people complains about the new Windows 11, especially those one that have upgraded from Windows 10. There can be many reasons for slowed-down Windows 11 PC. I will show you some fix to speed up Windows 11 and improve performance!

If you wonder how to make windows 11 faster, then you are on the right place. Getting rid of Temporary Files can be the way. Don’t worry I will show you all of my tricks to improve performance on Windows 11. My steps will also improve your boot up speed which is also a great way to speed up your PC. If you are a gamer then I have a more detailed article about How To Boost FPS in All Games 2022.

Let’s Speed Up Windows 11 with These 5 Easy Steps.

5 Ways To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance

  • Update Windows 11
  • Debloat Windows 11
  • Disable Visual Effects
  • Disable Apps from Running Automatically
  • Free up more storage

1. Update Windows 11

The first step in this tutorial in How To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance is to Update Windows 11. This is probably the easiest thing to do and maybe the only reason why your Windows 11 is struggling in performance. It may sound weird, but your issue might be also cause by a bug from Windows 11. That means that Microsoft will fix it in the next Update. And from that you should know that keeping Windows 11 updated is a must-do thing.

It seems like Windows 11 is constantly asking you to update it’s system. But Microsoft have a good reason for that, Windows Updates contains a lot of bug fixes and driver updates. So updating your Windows 11 device could fix some issues too! Neverthless, let’s get into this step.

One quick note: If you don’t find any new updates then try restarting your PC. This may help you to get rid of random issues too.

  1. Open Search Bar, search for Settings.
  2. Find Windows Update from the left panel.
  3. Hit Check for Updates.
  4. If there’s any new Update then make sure to install it.

2. Debloat Windows 11

Debloating Windows 11 to improve the performance is number two in this tutorial. This will significantly improve the performance. Windows 11 has less bloatware then Windows 10 but each optimization helps. It’s not that easy on Windows 11 like It was in Windows 10. Because in Windows 10 you simply ran Windows10Debloater and that’s it. It’s more complicated here.

  1. Open Search Bar and Search for powershell, you can also press Windows key + R on your keyboard.
  2. Please copy this command: iwr -useb https://git.io/debloat|iex.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. It will automatically download Windows 11 debloater script.

The program will show up. I recommend you to Disable Cortana at first, but in case you use Cortana then you can keep it in your Windows PC. You can uninstall much more applications. For example if you don’t use onedrive and you have it as much as I do (personal opinion) then press Uninstall OneDrive. This will completely uninstall OneDrive from your PC and it won’t show up once you boot your PC again.

3. Disable Visual Effects

The third step in this tutorial is about Disabling Visual Effects in Windows 11. Visual effects can create a lot of unique visual experience, however they require plenty of system resources. This can cause to slow down PC. Especially with the older hardware. I have seen people that got almost 20% better performance once they did this step.

  1. Open Windows Search Bar, search for View Advanced System Settings.
  2. New windows should appear now, click on the advanced tab and seletct Settings.
  3. Add checkmark to the Adjust for best performance option.

4. Disable Apps from running automatically

Applications like Skype, Onedrive or Microsoft Teams can really slow down your boot speed. You should disable them in the Task Manager. I will show you the fastest way to do it. Having too many apps opening automatically when you start your PC can really cause a low FPS in Windows 11. You may not even realize that those applications are starting up.

Make sure to do this from time to time. As you install more applications, they can configure themselves to automatically start when you turn on your PC. They consume plenty of storage and memory, disabling these programs is a useful solution to make Windows 11 faster.

  1. Open Windows Search bar and search for Task Manager.
  2. Find Startup tab.
  3. You will see all of the applications that are running automatically on the startup.
  4. Right-click on them and Disable them.

5. Free Up More Storage

The last step in this tutorial is about clearing up more space on your PC. You can do this many ways. The best way to free up more storage on windows 11 is to clean up your harddisk. You can also delete everything files in the temp and prefetch folder. I’ll show you everything you can do in order to Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance.

  1. Go to This PC.
  2. Right-click on Local Disk (C:) and go to Properties.
  3. Find Cleanup.
  4. Open it and make sure you select as many things as possible.

Delete all of the unnecessary things to free up more storage. That’s not it. You should delete files in the temporary folder and prefetch folder. Press Windows Key+R on your keyboard, Run application should appear. Search for temp, once you are in the folder select all of the files and delete them. Do this with %temp% and prefetch folder, this should be the best ways to free up more storage in Windows 11!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you restart your PC once you have done this in order to take any effect!

That’s it!

Thank you for reading this article about How To Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance. I hope I have helped you with everything, if you are struggling with the performance make sure to check out more article on my website. You can find many more useful tutorials on this Topic. I have a second website about Minecraft stuff. Check out my YT channel for more tutorials like this!


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